Engine Rebuilding

Here at Venemexauto, Cape Coral, Southwest Florida, we do engine rebuild and repair The best engine rebuilding and repairs for your car.

Looking to save some money and still have the power and gas mileage you are looking for? Instead of buying a new motor and having it installed, we will rebuild your engine at an affordable cost.

1. We dissemble the engines to get it ready for the next process. We use a process that is safe and efficient. We heat the motor, which turns all the grease and oil into powder, and then the blaster removes it. The cast iron afterwards is clean as NEW!

2. We check the motor for any cracks. This will let us know the roughness average finish on the surface of the engine.

3. All the cast iron heads are checked for cracks as well. The aluminum heads are pressure checked and will receive new valve guides. We then check with a vacuum tester to know when the valves are seated and the head is DONE!

4. In addition, the crank and camshaft are cleaned also. The camshafts are checked for bad lobes or scrapes and the crankshafts are checked for straightness prior to grinding. We also check with the profilometer that they have a smooth finish.

5. After a final cleaning, new oil galley plugs, freeze plugs, cam bearings, and a reground camshaft are installed in the block.

6. The last step is to install push rods and, rocker arms and adjust the valves! Your new rebuilt motor is ready to rock and roll!

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