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In some cases, you may need to apply to the court for a legal name change for Wisconsin. This is not common for surname exchanges after marriage, but it may be necessary in cases where, for example, no legal marriage has taken place or if you change more than your last name. When applying for your marriage license, ask your county clerk`s office if the certificate works for the desired name change. If not, you will need a court order to continue the name change process. On the day of your hearing, go to the courthouse and bring your birth certificate and any other necessary documents or forms. As long as your name change meets the requirements of state law and no one objects to the name change, the judge will approve your petition and sign the order. If the judge does not grant the name change, he or she fills out a form to reject the name change. Nothing! Changing your name with the SSA is actually free. A Wisconsin Name Change Form can be used by citizens of the state who wish to apply for a legal name change.

All name changes will be dealt with by the District Court of the applicant`s district. These forms are not required if a person intends to take their spouse`s surname after marriage or if they wish to return to their maiden name after a divorce. People change their names for many reasons other than marriage or divorce, and the court will likely grant a name change request as long as the proposed name is appropriate and consistent with state law. Name changes for minors under fourteen (14) years of age may be requested by one (1) or both parents, a single adoptive parent or a legal guardian. The procedure for this type of petition is different from that for an adult or a minor over fourteen (14) years of age. If you changed your name within one year of receiving your current passport (and that passport is less than a year old), use Form DS-5504. Email: You can update your name on your Wisconsin license only after you update your name with Social Security. You will also need to hand over your old ID. For more information, see WisconsinDOT.Gov. The legal change of your name in Wisconsin is not complete without updating your driver`s license or ID card.

Access a Wisconsin DMV for a license name change. There you apply for a duplicate license with the new name. This part of the minor name change process only applies if you are the only applicant parent, but the other parent is not deceased and their parental rights have not been terminated. In these situations, it is imperative that you provide a copy of the petition and communication to the non-requesting parent. This can be achieved by having the sheriff`s office or a private process server deliver the forms to the other parent. After the service, the sheriff/waiter will send you proof of service. Make a copy of this form and bring it with you to the hearing. If the service fails, you will need to prove that you did everything in your power to locate the other parent and inform them of the suggested name change. Download and complete the Affidavit of Attempted Service on Non-Plaintiff Parents to be presented to the judge on your hearing date. For name change, send or bring your documents to your local SSA office.

(Find a location near you here.) Below is a breakdown of what you need to submit. For more detailed instructions, see the SSA Guide to Recover a Patched Card. If you are the only applicant and the non-applicant parent did not attend the hearing or otherwise objected to the name change, the judge will sign the name change form. Once you`ve updated things with the SSA, changing your name on your passport is a smart next step. That`s because the process can take six to eight weeks. In addition, an updated passport can be used as proof of a name change in Wisconsin DMV if you have your updated driver`s license or state ID card. What exactly should you know about a name change for Wisconsin before deciding if you need help? We broke things down step by step. Here`s how to change your name to Wisconsin, from all the documents you need to assemble to where you need to make the change. Changing your name on your driver`s license is one of the first things you`ll think about after legally changing your name. However, in Wisconsin, it is imperative that you update your name with SSA before DMV.

To update your SSA name, you must download and complete the Social Security Card Application Form. Mail this form or in person to the SSA with proof of your name change, proof of identity, and proof of legal presence in the United States. Your new Social Security card should arrive by mail fourteen (14) business days after your application is processed. Once you`ve received your new card, you can go to your local DMV office.