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I received legal advice on a tenancy, which was good advice, but I had to wait three days before I could talk to anyone. This happened whenever I wanted legal advice. I don`t know what other legal advice they offer that when I wanted legal advice when buying a property, they told me they didn`t deal with this type of case. The presence portion of the Immigration and Human Rights Clinic includes a practice-based examination of complex immigration law as well as exercises and simulations specifically designed to teach the basics of good legal practice. Almost every Henry Ford speaker gives a version of the same basic advice: Be polite. Be respectful. Think before you act. Many do so by recounting their own experiences with the police outside of duty or as teenagers. A police detective uses a slideshow and a generous dose of bold humor to explain to students what to do if they are stopped behind the wheel – and what is not. “Don`t bribe us with money or donuts,” he laughs. Your subscription to Which? Legal will help fund our charity`s campaigns and free advice.

Which one? is Britain`s consumer champion. We are not for-profit and we are all for making consumers more powerful. The Legal Aid Society was founded in the early 1960s as a volunteer organization and was founded by lawyers who are members of the Orange County Bar Association. Volunteer lawyers agreed to accept referrals in civil and criminal cases for residents who could not afford a lawyer. In 1967, the organization was officially founded in Florida as a non-profit organization under the name Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc. It hired its first manager and full-time employee and offered free civil law services. Currently, Legal Aid employs approximately 45 people, including 18 lawyers, and coordinates the time and cash contributions of over 3,000 volunteers – lawyers and non-lawyers. The primary goal of the Legal Services Society is to provide quality legal services to low-income residents, working poor, children and disadvantaged groups with special legal needs in Orange County, Florida, and to help provide legal aid services to like-minded residents of neighboring counties through an efficient and financially sound program through the joint efforts of staff and lawyers.

Volunteers. Help. Expand your knowledge with our library of legal references and webinar recordings. Did you have any? Legal assistance for two common but complex travel claims. Their support was excellent as I received impartial advice that helped me straighten out my claims. Sometimes it wasn`t the advice I expected, but at least I understood my rights. In one of the lawsuits, they helped me all the time through Small Claims Court (Monetary Claims Centre), where I won my claim plus my costs. The Authors Guild has been providing a range of legal services to its members for decades. We review your national publishing contracts line by line, recommend specific changes, additions and deletions and give you negotiation tips so you can get the best deal possible. We also answer your questions about copyright and help you if you are in a commercial dispute. What “legal services” in which framework and which trusted traders will tell you that if you try to solve a problem with one of their trusted traders, there is a conflict of interest. But what exactly do they do in exchange for your money, yes, it`s not as expensive as a lawyer, but all you get is a very polite “nothing”, they are not lawyers and do not pretend to be, but they would only tell you to write, send an email to the trader with whom you have a difficulty, Nothing else.

And God forbid if it is one of their trusted traders. I had the displeasure of having problems with a few merchants who were paying to be on which directory list, and the first thing legal said was about conflict of interest, which is the key word for which and other directories, “interest.” I didn`t get anywhere, I managed to publish a review against this trader, but then what as a whole pointed the finger at “me” for “my risk”, me! The old lady who lived alone, and indeed this shopkeeper responded to my opinion by telling the world that I deserved it because I was older and alone! What do you think? The same society that is believed to be the “hero of the consumer world”, I wonder who they are and what they do, oh yes, I repeat what was said years ago in one of the BBC programmes! But defend us at the right time, no! I cancelled my subscription and quickly received a letter from someone who describes himself as the head of sales and service, so I tried to call him, but was told it wouldn`t be enough, since “it`s the manager” sorry, who cares who cares who he is. Attractive Behabiour! And of course, you suspect that I didn`t get my money back! When I needed advice on a rental issue, I was so happy to discover that what ran a legal advice line. I had always thought about: which ones? Be a highly respected organization and be confident that they would provide top-notch service. The lawyers were certainly very polite and helpful, but it wasn`t long before serious cracks began to appear and I realized that I was receiving both false and contradictory advice. For example, one of their lawyers assured me from the beginning that if I lost my case in court, I would not have to pay the other party`s costs. Then, on a subsequent call related to the same case, he turned around and warned me that I could be held responsible for these costs. There was also ever-changing advice regarding the court track to which my case would be assigned. While one of their lawyers told me categorically that it would be the small claims route, another lawyer insisted that it would be the multi-pronged route. On one particular call, the lawyer hesitated between these two options, which left me completely confused. I later learned from the charity Shelter that it is actually the judge who decides the direction of the case that will be assigned.

This was not explained to me by any of the Which? Lawyers and this is basic information that any legal advice service should know. When it became clear that I was Which? Seriously, I stopped using the service and expressed my concerns about their complaint process. In fact, I was shocked when, instead of apologizing for their mistakes and finding a way to fix things, they went into denial mode and refused to accede to my complaint. They simply said, “We could have been clearer” about the potential costs and risks of litigation. I started a dialogue with their head of legal operations and they slowly began to take on a little more responsibility for the issues I encountered.