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As of December 2019, Uber has offered a new payment option for riders in select countries: direct debit. This means that riders can now link their bank accounts to their Uber accounts and have their rides automatically paid for via direct debit.

In order to use this payment option, riders must agree to the Uber Direct Debit Agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the payment option, as well as the responsibilities of both the rider and Uber.

One of the key points in the agreement is the authorization for Uber to initiate direct debit transactions on the rider`s bank account. Uber states that it will only do so for authorized transactions, which include the payment for rides and any additional fees or charges associated with the use of the Uber platform.

The agreement also details the rider`s responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in their bank account to cover the direct debit transactions. If there are insufficient funds, the rider may be subject to additional fees and charges from their bank.

It is important for riders to carefully review and understand the Uber Direct Debit Agreement before agreeing to use the payment option. This can help prevent any misunderstandings or issues with direct debit transactions in the future.

One potential benefit of using direct debit is the convenience of not having to manually enter payment information for each ride. Additionally, direct debit can help riders keep track of their Uber expenses by automatically deducting payments from their bank account.

However, some may have concerns about the security and privacy of linking their bank account to their Uber account. Uber states that it uses industry-standard security practices to protect rider information and that bank account details are never shared with drivers or other third parties.

Overall, the Uber Direct Debit Agreement offers a new payment option for riders that can provide convenience and ease of use. By carefully reviewing and understanding the terms and conditions, riders can make an informed decision about whether to use direct debit for their Uber rides.