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ELECTION INITIATIVES: The legislature approved a measure (SB 1890) that provides for a $3,000 limit on contributions to political committees seeking to put proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot. Opponents have filed a federal lawsuit to try to block the contribution limit. On October 1, 27 new bills from the 2021 legislature came into force. A number of laws passed in Florida during the 2021 legislature went into effect after approval by Governor DeSantis, and many more went into effect on July 1. Some highlights of the newly enforced invoices as well as a complete list can be found below. More than 100 new laws passed during the 2021 legislature will go into effect this week, ranging from a record $100 billion budget to banning COVID-19 vaccine “passports” to expanding school vouchers. The 2022 legislature begins on January 11. The bill will be studied in committee for six weeks until December 4. In addition to the above legislation, several other bills from the 2021 session will come into force on October 1 and are listed below. For more information, please see the link attached to each invoice number. Finally, Representative Tuck`s HB 421 amends the Bert Harris Act of 1995, which allowed landowners to seek compensation from state and local governments if government action imposed an “excessive demand” but did not reach the higher level of constitutional revenues.

“In pursuing these types of claims, the law imposes certain time limits, notification requirements for local governments, and pre-litigation resolution processes. In its 2021 session, the Florida legislature revised some of these requirements to streamline and simplify the process for homeowners. “While the process has been modified to favor homeowners, it can still be difficult to navigate without the advice of a lawyer,” said Matt Newton, partner in Shumaker`s Real Estate and Development Services line. HOME INSURANCE: An insurance package (SB 76) allows for larger annual rate increases for customers of the government-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corp. It will also prevent entrepreneurs from asking landlords to file insurance claims, trying to limit attorneys` fees in lawsuits against insurers, and reducing the time it takes to file claims from three to two years. A compilation of all laws, resolutions and memoranda passed during a Parliament. They are divided into two broad categories – general laws and special laws. Bills vetoed by the governor are not included. Florida`s laws are hosted by the external website adopted lawmakers, and the governor signed more than 200 bills during the last legislature, which ended in March.

Most of these new laws then came into force on the first day of July or October. TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida`s 2021 legislature was filled with many new bills that could become law. So far, nearly 300 bills have been signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Only a few were rejected. A permanent collection of state laws organized by domain in a code of titles, chapters, parts, and sections. Florida`s regulations are updated annually by laws that create, amend, transfer, or repeal legal material. The 2021 Bill Summaries are reports prepared by committee staff that include brief explanations of bills passed during this session in the House and Senate. These summaries are prepared by committee staff and do not represent the opinion of any senator, Senate officer or Senate office. RIGHT TO AGRICULTURE: In a priority of Senate President Wilton Simpson, the legislature passed a measure (SB 88) that will expand the state`s “right to farm” law and provide farmers with additional legal protection against so-called harassment lawsuits.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The new year will bring a handful of new laws to the Sunshine State. These include tougher penalties for not stopping school buses, an official end to greyhound racing betting, and a slightly higher minimum wage. Here are some of the remaining laws, as of December 31 or January 1. Most of this year`s new laws go into effect Thursday, which also marks the start of the state`s 2021-2022 fiscal year. But about 40 laws passed this year have already gone into effect, and another 20 will go into effect later this year. GUN REGULATIONS: Lawmakers have approved a measure (SB 1884) that will expand a controversial 2011 law that threatens harsh penalties against local governments that introduce gun laws. The new law will allow prosecution of “unwritten” local policies that violate state gun regulations. The directive also requires rigorous auditing of election systems at least 25 days before early voting begins in the state.

This is a correction to the current law in which systems are tested after the start of postal voting in some cases.