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Although the role of a nurse midwife or certified nurse midwife varies depending on state law, they can typically perform the following tasks: The main difference between a NJC and a CM is that a CM has no nursing training; Otherwise, both have a university degree and are generally qualified to offer the same services regardless of medical supervision. However, relatively few CMs practice in the United States, as few programs train CMs and few states grant them legal recognition. The most recent survey conducted by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (in 2007) revealed the following distribution of GCN jobs among different settings: Nurse midwives are valuable members of the multidisciplinary health care team, whether in the maternity or medical care model. With their wide range of practice and dual expertise in advanced nursing and midwifery work, Certified Nurse Midwives (NJCs) are able to work in a range of settings where they provide care, support and guidance regarding maternal and women`s health issues. While a nurse midwife`s job description depends on the practice environment and the appropriate scope of practice for that environment, general professional responsibilities and duties include: According to statistics from the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), the majority of all nurse midwives (35%) work in hospitals and medical centers, followed by doctors` offices (29.9%). Other settings where nurse midwifery jobs can be found include: The CMMA report also found that the vast majority (63.5%) of nurse midwifery jobs are in urban areas, followed by suburban areas at 27% and rural at 9.5%. Circle City Midwifery & Women`s Health Services is seeking a nurse midwife interested in a full-service practice position in a dynamic and growing department in Southern California. Circle City Midwifery has regenerated Beach Cities Midwifery under new management and ownership. We promote the true model of obstetric care in a collaborative practice environment with excellent medical and clinical support. The midwife has the possibility to provide care in the hospital and in the independent birthing centre with the possibility of giving birth at home. This position will cover the birthing center and will also be planned as a “worker” in hospital practice. ContactPlease email your interest with resume to: B.

J. Snell, PhD, NJC, FACNM The position is a full midwife and includes office hours and a shared call schedule with enough time to ensure comprehensive care. Support is provided by front and back office staff and obstetricians/nurses for labour and delivery in the birthing centre and hospital. The candidate must have an active license and a valid certification in California to be considered for this position. The scope of practice of IMCs working for midwifery practices, gynaecologists` practices and community health clinics/agencies often extends beyond the woman giving birth and includes the care of patients with adolescence and beyond menopause. Position title: Full scope midwife (3 positions open until summer 2022)Location: Corona/Riverside, CAJob Status: Full-time position Start date: April 1, 2022 AMCB Certified Nurse Midwife Qualifications with California RN Active License, NMW Certification and Current ACLS and NRP Certification. CA NMW and DEA installation license required, but can be purchased during orientation. Experience outside the preferred hospital.

Salary and benefits based on experience. Professional liability insurance included in the position. Nurse midwives working in hospitals, medical centers and birth centers oversee the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing and obstetric care for their antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum patients. The roles and responsibilities of nurses and midwives who provide maternity care in these environments include: The successful candidate will work directly with Epiq clients on a wide range of projects related to legal, operational and benefits management. 8-10 years of experience with CRM platforms as a consultant or legal CRM SME or leader. Proven experience in promoting adoption and best practices in. Eisner Health is seeking TWO candidates: one for a full-fledged Certified Nurse Midwife position (clinical and hospital) and one for a clinic-only position. Our team cares for a diverse population and attends deliveries at California Hospital Medical Center-Dignity Health. We offer outpatient services in downtown Los Angeles, Lynwood, the Valley and the Westside. We also have a school website. We work with our medical team and teach GPs, midwife/WHNP students and medical students at the hospital and clinic.

We are looking for providers with some experience (preferably at least 2 years) and hope for Spanish language skills. We would consider a recent graduate who has completed a scholarship or residency. Send an email to: NJCs have legal authority to practice in a number of settings, including hospitals, private practices, birthing centres, health clinics and home birth services. While the majority of NJCs work for an employer, those with an entrepreneurial spirit often set up their own midwifery practice in the community of their choice. Previous experience in legal and risk management useful. Tasks include: assisting lawyers in reviewing medical records/documents, analysis. In specific work with pregnant women, CNM and CM tasks include: Through expert contributions in the areas of formal contract drafting and technical sales support, such as customer data evaluation and compliance processing. The 2007 survey also found that the median annual salary for full-time CCGs ranged from $79,093 to $89,916, depending on the geographic region. A recent survey conducted by Integrated Healthcare Strategies in 2010 found that the median base salary for CCGs was $96,418. Comprehensive health, dental and disability benefits for full-time team members and their uncovered spouses. Job Title: Clinical Director of MidwiferyLocation: San Marcos, CaliforniaPosition Status: Full-Time Shift: TBD Job Summary: Led by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)/Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Clinical Director of Women`s Health Services (WHS), the Clinical Director is responsible for establishing the clinical practice development program, professional training, programming and reporting for quality improvement and business management.

Leadership, which includes working closely with the CMO/COO and the respective operations managers of the clinical director, senior clinicians and health center managers to ensure the provision of an effective medical service to patients at the health center. The Clinical Director is responsible for ensuring that clinical procedures in practice are followed on an ongoing and systematic basis in order to achieve optimal performance in terms of patient safety as a beneficiary of clinical care, adherence to recognized standards of care, vigilance with respect to risk management practices, satisfactory clinical outcomes and continuous improvement in the quality of their respective practices in the following areas: Ensuring the patient experience. Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of care, as well as operational efficiencies to optimize patient flow and customer service. Qualifications: Graduated from a midwifery program accredited by the American Midwifery Certification Board. Licensed as a midwife in California.Availability for variable hours, extended hours, and/or weekend/night shifts. Computer skills, especially with electronic health systems/medical records and Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.